Ban Appeal Guide

Read the Server Rules by clicking here.​

Your account is your responsibility.
You will be held accountable for other people's actions on your account.

Bans for inappropriate usernames
For information on how to appeal your inappropriate name ban click here

Discord Ban Appeals

Do not appeal here regarding a Discord ban. A Discord ban appeal thread will be created soon.

Account Buying

Recently we've been coming across reports of people who've purchased Minecraft accounts from 3rd party sellers only to find out they're banned from the server.

These banned accounts have a history with breaking the rules. Therefore these accounts will not be unbanned due to the risk of them continuing their activities.

We strongly urge you to only purchase accounts from the Minecraft website.

Account Selling

For the reasons listed above, we do not allow advertising your account on the MCTimes Network.

Asking a staff member to view your ban appeal will result in instant denial. ​