Reports Format

Please use this format when creating a thread:

1. Name of Offender:
2. Name of Offense:
3. Evidence:

The format must be correct in order for us to accept the report.

The Offender
Note: The offender's name must be completely visible in the evidence or we will have to deny the report, also, please try your best to spell the offender's IGN correctly.

The Offense
The offenses include all of these.

The Evidence
All of these conditions must be met on the evidence in order for us to accept it.

- Offender's IGN must be visible
- The Evidence must not be cropped
- Evidence of hacking offences must be a video recorded using a proper video capture software (Ex. Bandicam, Fraps, etc. )
- Evidence of gameplay offences is preferably video
- Evidence must not be greater than two weeks old
- For Forum offences, you must include the link to where it occurred
- Evidence must not be recorded using the "Replay" Mod or any other video capture mods
- Do not submit evidence that you haven't collected yourself