Bug Report Format

Use the following format when reporting bugs to us. This will allow us to more efficiently answer and fix the issues you report.


In the title of your thread use a relevant tag. [factions] [network] [shop] etc :)
Example: [factions] Spawn PvP Glitch

IGN (Your Minecraft username):

Screenshots/Video (if required):


Location (/whereami in-game):

Things you should post:

Related crash logs and reports.
Map glitches.
Connection issues.
Game and lobby glitches.

Things you should NOT post:

Hackers or abuse related reports.
Things you "don't like"
Things you want changed.
Issues with your server or plugins.
Issues with your client mods or modpacks.
Issues that have already been recently reported.
If you are having a problem with our store please check the "Purchasing Issues" tab under "Support".